My practice is grounded in the belief that you are whole and complete, lacking nothing. And yet something has caused you to lose touch with your truth. You feel depleted, dissonant, bored, restless, stuck, out of alignment, unclear. It’s not your fault. It’s not something you’ve done wrong. And you’re not alone.

My greatest hope is to help support you in the journey of remembering who you are. It’s time to return to your instincts, your soulfulness, your wildness, your wisdom. Together, we will remove blocks and release the baggage that keeps you from connection to Source and to your True Self. Through this process, you will build resiliency and capacity so that you can handle life’s challenges with more consciousness, spaciousness and ease.

My background in music, embodied movement, storytelling, myth-making, design, education, mothering, and intuitive spirituality is the alchemy I have to offer. Nothing is wasted. Everything belongs. All contribute to this work of embodying and nurturing the fullness of your being. My prayer is to be a clear channel that I might serve you with humility, curiosity, and empathy.

I want you to love your life. I want you to experience the magic and delight of realizing you are participating with the Divine to create something beautiful and unique upon the earth. And that thing is you.

What you seek is seeking you
— Rumi