Life Coaching


We sit together over coffee or tea and I offer compassionate listening, radical presence, and a soul mirror to help you discern what you are feeling and what your next right step might be. We will use a prep form to help you put voice to your needs and desires.

You will build resiliency and resonance to face life’s challenges with more spaciousness and ease.


Soul-Directed Energy Healing


During this session, you state an intention and we work together to help your soul receive what it needs from the Divine.  Blocks in energy or clarity are removed, things that need to be processed are brought to the surface and released, and you will leave feeling more connected to your Belovedness and life force.

  • Essential oils, healing stones, Mother Wisdom cards, and toning may be incorporated into your session.

  • Work is done while lying on a massage table and receiving energy work with gentle touch.

Read some TESTIMONIALS about this work.


Sound Healing


I use a sound healing protocol called SEGAN that helps rewire the brain using the frequencies of the human voice.

Developed by Ana Do Valle under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Porges, SEGAN is a seven-session intervention designed to reduce stress and increase your capacity to tolerate your reality.  It uses the Safe and Sound protocol, a listening program that “primes the Autonomic Nervous System in being more open to heal in relationship to the self, experience, therapist, and another.  It brings a state of calmness and grounding that is sustained when one is working with activating and traumatic content.”


Soul Collage

54th and 55th pg.jpg

We meet at a coffee shop with our black book journals, a stack of magazines, good quotations, and the sacred time carved out to put your life into images and words. Soul Collage is a multi-disciplinary exploration of your higher self and your sub-conscious through image and movement.