Thank you for helping me to connect to my soul with such tenderness and beauty this morning. I realized that I have been on the outside looking in for awhile. I felt so integrated after our time. I felt a calming weight in my being. My tears felt cleansing and renewing and usually I don’t feel that way after an emotional release. I truly did feel like I connected to “the language of the soul,” and you helped bring forth that language as “soul interpreter.”
— Missy Splittgerber, Social Worker and Musician
You offer love, belonging, and grace. You have a well inside of you that has given life to and birthed so much beauty, life, and freedom in the world. You bring about redemption and bravely break societal expectations to share love with others.
— Jenelle Rosecrance, Executive Assistant, International Justice Mission
You are a wellspring of life! You have changed so many women’s lives with your love, your words, your vision, and your courage.
— Briana Grange, Environmental Scientist, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
You must have been born in a sea cave of deep knowing, and then all the love in your heart buoyed you up to land so the humans could know how love is done right. You are moon eyes and sea blood and desert skin and seaweed hair and cosmic stardust heart.
— Kelly Burns, Professional Learning Coordinator for Secondary Literacy/ Co-chair of the Poudre School District Mindfulness Council/ Instructor, Colorado State University English Department
Experiencing this energy work was a true reawakening of my connection to intuition and soul. Every single part of the session was so intentional and felt so divine. I immediately felt safe, welcomed and comforted into the space which allowed me to be fully present during the work. Even in the vulnerable and raw moments I felt held and grounded. Not only was the time illuminating, but I was given useful tools to leave with that have continued to resonate with me. I am so grateful for this work with Trinity-she is so gifted in what she is creating here.
— Rachel Crain, Wardrobe and Prop Stylist