Sound Healing

I use a Sound Healing protocol called SEGAN that helps to rewire the brain using the frequencies of the human voice.

Developed by Ana Do Valle under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Porges, SEGAN is a seven-session intervention designed to reduce stress and increase your capacity to tolerate your reality.  It uses the Safe and Sound protocol, a listening program that “primes the Autonomic Nervous System in being more open to heal in relationship to the self, experience, therapist, and another.  It brings a state of calmness and grounding that is sustained when one is working with activating and traumatic content.”

  • During Safe and Sound, you use headphones to listen to female vocal music that has been digitally filtered and specifically processed so that the middle ear muscles are trained and exercised to focus on the frequency range of the human voice. This stimulates nervous system regulation by exercising and systematically challenging the auditory system. 

  • In addition to the Safe and Sound protocol, SEGAN works with a mandala of personal photos, watercolor painting, and poem creation.

  • SEGAN requires seven 90 minute sessions to complete the protocol. Each session is $100. and includes tea and a snack.