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 The greatest thing we can do is to show up for our lives and not be ashamed.

 -Anne Lamott


I'm a creature of the word, learning to tell my honest story.

I offer it here because telling stories is the road back home.

Motherhood is not a biological designation
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I started collaging in 2000, when a college friend of mine showed me her journals, and out of envy, I began to create my own.

The process of finding images to express ideas is an intuitive exercise.

I flip through magazines and allow myself to respond to an image without judging WHY. If I am drawn to the image in any way, I rip it out. Sometimes I know right away what thoughts the image triggers, and then I marry the two in my journal; sometimes the image goes into a folder and stays there for months until I sit down for a collage session and suddenly the image reappears and NOW I know why I ripped it out, and the ideas flow.  

Either way, what I love about collage is the creation of something new from seemingly "alienated components."

Like my writing, collage is a bridge-building exercise: taking one thing as it is and wrestling with language or images to represent that thing in a new way; my hope is that through finding new ways to talk about ideas, other people might cross over these bridges into greater self-knowing, and a greater sense of shared humanity.


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